The DJ Perspective

A unique, innovative and energetic workshop that introduces you to ‘the DJ way of thinking’

  • Entertaining and inspiring
  • Up to 100 attendants
  • Customised content 
  • In our studios or anywhere else
50 / Customised pricing

Having fun

Having is fun with music is what djing is about, no experience is required to feel the vibes. We are still amazed how thrilled people are after making their first mixes on the decks!

The Big Four

Using our BIG FOUR formula we will reflect on passion, discovering authentic drives and qualities, how DJ’s communicate with their audience and how they create a fanbase with unique marketing and branding strategies.


Our location is well suited to host several dayparts, we have a hotel, lounge, bar, concert halls and conference rooms available, get in touch for a custom build program.

A unique experience

The DJ Perspective combines the best of an energetic workshop and an innovative reflection with a lasting effect on your team’s daily work. Besides getting behind the decks and feeling the kick of Djing, it offers an inspiring insight into how a DJ approaches his profession. By unraveling the secrets of the craft, the workshop offers reflection on authenticity, personal development, communication and branding.


Mind-blowing change

After a central introduction on what makes a great DJ, you split up in small groups to let every attendant experience the thrill of mixing records. You will experience a mind-blowing change in the way you listen to music from this moment. We dive into identity, communication and branding using our Big-4 method. By showing how this method makes DJ’s grow into successful entrepreneurs, we aim to inspire reflection on how your team can approaches these aspects.

Epic climax

The euphoric peak of the DJ Perspective is when each team member plays they’re mix during the final presentation. More than once, we’ve seen even the least music-minded people show a rarely seen side of them during the epic climax of the workshop. To get the most out of The DJ Perspective, we are open to pre-discuss hot topics amongst the team and define the setup of the workshop together.


We like to meet up in person with you in advance to get to know you, your teams goals and focus. We shape the BIG FOUR content based on your input, adapt timing to group size and location in order to achieve maximum positive and inspirational impact on the participants.

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