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Female DJ’s; Put in the extra effort!

TIPS & TUTORIALS By Olivier Meijs (Founder of DJ School Amsterdam)One of our quickly developing talents, Dina van Diest, linked us to this Dutch video about the lack of female DJ's. Very aware of this sad status, we as DJ School are proud to show the percentages...

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Mixing classics with house

TIPS & TUTORIALS Watch why and how to mix a 70's/80's track in to a House set.  As our coach and founder Olivier explains in this video, it is important to be able to mix older and harder to mix tracks in your sets for numerous reasons. It makes you stand out as a...

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What makes a top DJ?

TIPS & TUTORIALS This list of skills is based on our BIG FOUR learning strategy. The BIG FOUR is created from the experiences of our coaches and their colleagues, combined with the input of hundreds of talents visiting our school.The BIG FOUR and this list answer...

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TIPS & TUTORIALS Going to your DJ-gig with one single USB stick, from a popular brand and without anything attached to it, is recipe for disaster! Here are our tips to save your whole performance before, during and after getting on stage!DJ's used to polish their...

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Have you got what it takes?

TIPS & TUTORIALS Find out about the six essential elements that make you become a succesful professional DJ. The good thing is that talent is not one of them, so that means with the right attitude and focus you can become a professional!

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What is the best DJ name?

TIPS & TUTORIALS Many starting DJ’s struggle in finding a DJ name that fits them. One that sounds a bit cool, feels familiar and holds up between the famous names that you like to share the bill with, one day. We see that a lot of our students choose names that we...

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To Sync or not to Sync?

TIPS & TUTORIALS New technology made it easier than ever to make two records run smoothly toghether. But usage of this software is a hot issue amongst dj's. At DJ School Amsterdam, we don't use 'Sync' during lessons. But there is no principle on that. We encourage...

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5 Kinds of DJ’s

TIPS & TUTORIALS Are you a crowdpleaser? Do you really play ANYTHING to make a crowd go wild? Or do you play for those five freaks who like your tracks, ignoring the annoyed ‘simple minds’ who go home early? That is the question that every starting dj has to ask...

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Dance genres explained

TIPS & TUTORIALS Do you know what Future House is? Or where the word 'Moombahton' comes from? In other words: can you keep up in a chat about the origins of your genre? Here are the must-knows to organise your tracks by, and to sound like you've been in the biz...

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Why not to mix in key

TIPS & TUTORIALS Many DJ School Amsterdam students come prepared. They have a USB-stick stuffed with tracks and watched many online tutorials about the great art of 'Mixing'. Some of them glorify 'Mixing in key' and take pride in the fact that they memorise every...

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