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Starting at DJ School Amsterdam – everything you need to know

Here you find everything we think you need to know when you consider to develop your skills at DJ School Amsterdam. These are the questions we hear most. If it doesn’t answer yours, please mail or call us!

All our lessons are 1-on-1, so always individually, and take place in our studios in Amsterdam. After purchasing a lesson or course, you automatically receive a link that enables you to go and schedule the lesson(s) yourself. With a short course or the full course you can also choose the teacher you want to work with.

Due to increasing demand, the first options you see in our schedule to plan your first lesson could be up to 4 weeks after purchasing the course. But if you keep checking your planning link, you might find cancellations and some earlier options if you’re lucky.


Starting at DJ School Amsterdam can be done in various ways. The practical things that follow are the same for DJ and Producer lessons.

Option 1: book an Intro Lesson for DJ or Producer and schedule this yourself by using the link your receive in the confirmation email.

Often, you can start within 1 or 2 weeks but some days and times are more popular, so booking as early as possible is recommended. In the Intro Lesson you learn a lot and get a good taste of how we work. After the Intro Lesson you can decide to continue with a Basic Course or the Full Course.

Option 2: Book a Basic Course and schedule your first lesson right after payment, using the link you receive. You can choose to come every week, same and day and teacher. But that’s all up to you. You can cancel a lesson up to 24 hours in advance without losing the hour.

Option 3: If you are certain you want to know and master everything that comes with being a professional, bookable DJ within 3-4 months, go for the Full DJ Course and plan your first lesson right away.

Option 4: Mail us with a day and time that would fit you to stop by, see the studios and discuss which lesson or course you should choose. We love to take our time and find a solution for your issues and ambitions.


Yes, you can. A lot of people do that. Every age, every background and every musical direction. We are used to meet all kinds of music lovers from age 8 to 80, and find nothing strange.

Your goal can be anywhere, from developing into a world star to arranging the music during musical healings.. we help everyone towards his or her ultimate ambitions.


Most people who start with us ‘at zero’, don’t bring anything. But, bringing a laptop and a USB stick will help for a quick start, either in DJ’ing and in Producing.

If you already want to start and get prepared for your first lesson(s), THIS PAGE is incredibly useful for your first hands-on steps.


In the first stages, you don’t need DJ gear to practise. The first phase is downloading and organizing music in RekordBox. On this page we explain exactly how this works.

Just like driving lessons; you don’t own a car when doing lessons. The basis of becoming a DJ is time investment in your own music collection. After a few lessons, you can decide if it’s time for gear of your own, and what kind of gear that should be. The purpose of your lessons and your budget determine for a large part what the best choice would be for you.

A laptop and a USB stick are essential when doing lessons. From RekordBox, you sync your music on your USB stick to use that stick in the lessons.


There’s a lot of knowlege and information to acquire from our Youtube channel. Also on our Instagram we share a lot of relevant info for starting DJ’s and producers.


Our regular opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 17:00. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays there are also lessons until 20:00. We never close other than with Christmas, Kingsday and January 1st.

If you plan on stopping by for a chat, please inform us prior to your visit so we can make time.


After paying for a lesson or course, you immediately receive a link that enables you to schedule your lessons. Our schedule can be pretty packed in the first 2-3 weeks after your purchase. So looking ahead 2-3 weeks gives you more options to choose the day and time that fits you best.

If you want to know if there is enough availability before you pay anything, mail us and we’re happy to check your options in our schedule.


If you are visiting Amsterdam for a certain amount of days, let us know and we are happy to make a custom schedule that fits your ambitions, budget and available time and days.


On our homepage you find all our teachers. When you book an Intro Lesson, and schedule this yourself, a teacher will be automatically appointed.

When you do a course, you get a different scheduling link that also gives you the option to choose a teacher for every lesson.

Most of the students stick to one teacher, often the first one they met. We encourage to use different teachers and also help you to decide which teacher fits your music style and/or ambitions best.

If you have more questions, feel free to Mail or call us!