Track Feedback

Have your song analyzed by our pro’s and lift it to release-ready level. Get record labels to stand in line for your records!

  • Turn your demo into a great track
  • Get your track to club-standard level
  • Make it ready for release
  • Receive your feedback within 48 hours
29 / per track
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The Big Four Producer

The feedback is op based on the four core qualities of a good track: Idea, tracks, timing and mixing. More info on our Big Four is to be found here.

Easy and educative

Just order the track feedback online through this page and send us your track right away. This can be a file, a project or a link to soundcloud/mixcloud. Within 48 hours you’ll be able to improve your project with new energy.

Positive and inspiring

Our feedback is always stuffed with pro-level producer tricks. Don’t be afraid we will give you negative feedback. We will only tell you where how to improve and how.

Can your track get better?

You think you can improve your tracks but you don’t know how? Getting stuck because of lack of knowledge and skills? Having doubts if your tracks are release worthy? For all these issues our Track Feedback is the solution. Our professionals will listen and analyze every aspect of your song before sending you a written report on how to improve it.


Big Four-analysis

We analyze your track using our BIG-4 method and address the following elements: Idea (composition), Tracks (arrangement, sounds), Structure (development) and Mixing. We give you detailed information on how to get your track to a professional level. Read more about our BIG-4 HERE.

From Urban to Hardstyle

Our Producer team consists out of experts in multiple genres. We have specialist in chords, melodies, toplines, sounddesign and mixing. We will listen to your track development over time and give you feedback on volumes, panning, effects, EQ’ing, compression and sidechaining.

We often get requests on mixing/mastering but want to stress that this the very last step of the production process. We will for sure assist in this aspect but only when we conclude together that your project is totally ready for release on the label of your dreams.