Producer Custom Course

Develop your producer knowledge and skills from your current level based on your wishes and goals.

  • Always 1-on-1
  • Big-4 analysis
  • You choose the subjects
  • Improve in Ableton, Logic or FL
499 / 5 x 60 min
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Good to know

Live and online lessons

The Custom Course is also suitable for online lessons, or a combination of live and online. This saves a trip to our studios if you don’t live in the area.

Free intake and analysis

Do you want to know exactly what we can offer you to improve? Drop by for a detailed free analysis and plan. Mail to let us know when you want to stop by.

Easy and convenient

You can pay and plan your lessons directly online. THIS PAGE answers most of the general questions we get a lot.

Finish better tracks

Do you have a hard time finishing tracks? Are they not sounding interesting or ‘fat’ enough or don’t you know how to improve? All these problems can be fixed in this course. It will bring back drive and inspiration and helps you produce better tracks at a faster pace.


Analysis and plan

We make a free Big-4 analysis of your current level and a plan to tackle your issues. Together we decide which of our teachers fits your music and your questions best. Are you handy with your DAW but can your composition skills improve? Do you want to learn to write top-lines? Could your sounddesign be better? We can spend one or more lessons on each topic.

Guiding on all elements

It’s normal for professional producers to ask assistance in building tracks. Producing consists of multiple crafts and our team of specialists can help you on any topic. This is also a great course to make that last step towards having your track released by prime labels. 


Mail or call us or plan a free meeting to get to know us, ask your questions and feel the vibe.


Send a message and we will replay within 24 hours.