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Pioneer DDJ-400 Review

Welcome to our Review & Walkthrough about the Pioneer DDJ-400 Rekordbox controller. The DDJ-400 is Pioneer DJ’s latest 2-channel controller that’s got a layout which is very similar to the big 2000NXS2 Setup.

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The predecessor of the DDJ-400 is the Pioneer DDJ-RB, which has been a very popular controller due to it’s price and the abillity to play with Rekordbox from an early stage. In fact, both the RB and the 400 offer the exact essentials that DJ’s use on the expensive CDJ-2000-setup.
That is why we recommend young DJ’s on a budget to start off with such a Pioneer controller. It prepairs you for the more professional gear in the future. Even on small parties or at various non club occasions it is really handy to bring your controller and laptop. You even have the option to download some music while spinning!

Ofcourse, investing money in more expensive stand-alone gear is always an option. But when you just start out DJ’ing, many just don’t know yet, if they wil actually go on to become more professional.
Also, we advice to spend more time in building a proper music collection, rather than spinning records all the time. The musical aspect is much more important than learning the skills, in the beginning.

So as you get Rekordbox software with the DDJ-400, you can go downloading and start organising your music right away! You can make CUE-point in your tracks and set markers, in order to know your intro’s before you spin them! This is what we advise to do befor you hit ANY button!

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