DJ Professional Course

From passion to profession: the benchmark DJ Course for future professionals. 

  • 1-on-1 from scratch to stage 
  • Online course included
  • 20 lessons & 10 practice sessions
  • DSA T-Shirt and 32GB USB stick
  • Pay in 4 installments
2249 / 20 x 60 min + 10 studio hours
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Good to know

Your network, live and online

On our club nights you meet likeminded and future colleagues. You also become part of our online community where collaborations are started and gig opportunities are posted.

What you need

THIS PAGE answers most of the general questions we get a lot, concerning the full course. Also, for a more in-depth look at the essentials of DJ’ing, check our Big-4 page.

Progress and satisfaction

We monitor your progress and if you remain satisfied with the content of the course and the interaction with your coach. You can switch coaches at any time and decide how much time you need between lessons.

The ultimate thrill

Follow your heart and become a DJ! To play your own tracks and witness the dancefloor go crazy is a thrilling experience. And, you can make it happen!
Our DJ Professional Course paved the way for hundreds of music lovers all over the world that are now living their dream, working as professional DJ’s. During the course you will learn everything you need to perform in any kind of setting.


The Big Four DJ strategy

Based on our unique BIG-4 curriculum we will get you prepared for the real deal. By sculpting our method for over 13 years and the input of thousands of students we can guarantee that your development will be swift, smooth, inspiring and lots of fun. From developing your own sound (TRACK) and the interaction with the crowd (TIMING) to a flawless technique (MIXING) and smart entrepreneurship (IMAGE). Our goal is to make you finish the course as a professional, bookable DJ. Discover the profession by checking our articles, video’s and Instagram page.


Your first live gigs

The real art of Dj’ing is mastered during live gigs. That is why we include these in your DJ Professional Course. Your coach will prepare you to a level that it is impossible to fail at your first performances. You will get in touch with fellow students and start developing a network as well. We have hosted more than 200 club nights since 2009 where hundreds of students played their first thrilling live gig. 

THIS PAGE answers most of the general questions we get a lot, concerning length of the course and fitting the lesson in your schedule when coming from abroad.



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