DJ Junior Course

The DJ Junior Course is the ultimate ‘music lesson’ for every child aged 9 to 14. Learning to mix records like Martin Garrix is a dream come true for many.

  • 1-On-1 lessons with your favorite tracks
  • Learn drop- and beatmixing
  • Choose dates and times yourself
  • Gear advice within skills and budget
399 / 10 x 45 min
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Good to know

Remarkable progress

We have coached many children that have performed at school parties, club events and even international gigs. They are making their dreams come true, often sooner than they could have ever imagined!

You're in full control

You can plan the lessons yourself, we advise a rhythm of one lesson per week. You can choose the coach that fits your child and schedule Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 21:00.


Kids don’t need a DJ setup to follow this course. A laptop and USB stick are recommended, though. To decide which DJ set would be a good buy, we have to find out how much the kid likes DJ’ing and to what level he/she wants to progress.

Your first DJ steps

DJ’ing is a populair hobby amongst children and it could even be their future job. While having lots of fun, kids build a solid foundation of musical skills during the lessons. The DJ Junior Course already kickstarted many kids’ later careers and proved to be an ideal preparation for schools like the Herman Brood Academy where Martin Garrix started his career.


Tailormade and fun

Our lessons are always one-on-one and last 45 minutes. The course starts by exploring various genres and opens a world of musical structures that gives kids a big advantage in musical development. The student builds a collection of tracks and learns to blend them together in a smooth way. Discover the profession by checking our articles, video’s and Instagram page.


Our way of teaching makes complex matters feel easy and fun to master. This usually gives kids a confidence boost and obvious joy.

We’ve put the threshold for Junior Lessons at around age 9/10, but because kids differ so much we are not too strict in age. Our teachers have lots of experience teaching and connecting with kids and adjust their tempo and content to the personality of each kid.


Mail or call us or plan a free meeting to get to know us, ask your questions and feel the vibe.


Send a message and we will replay within 24 hours.