DJ Intro Lesson

The Intro Lesson is 60 minutes of musical joy. Experience the thrill of DJ’ing and get acquainted with our coaching, the gear and essential mixing techniques. 

  • Always 1-on-1
  • Complete picture of the DJ craft
  • Plan the lesson yourself
  • Custom DJ gear advise
69 / 1 x 60 min
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Live coaching in Amsterdam

The intro lesson is 1-on-1, and is also a great gift. There is 90 minutes version a junior lesson for kids and a two-person intro lesson of 60 or 90 minutes.

Studios and gear

In our atmospheric studios you learn the craft in a club-setting. Of course we have all the latest club gear installed, including the most popular DJ controllers.


You can pay online and immediately schedule your lesson on a date and time that suites you. THIS PAGE answers most of the general questions we get a lot.


Mixing your first tracks smoothly together is a unique feeling, and makes you want more instantly. The DJ Intro Lesson has been the starting point for thousands of music lovers ranging from young to ‘still young’ towards the Basic or Professional DJ Course. Discover the profession by checking our articles, video’s and Instagram page.


The Big-4

During the Intro lesson you get acquainted with our unique method, the Big-4. It has been developed based on our professional experience combined with the input from our students to make our curriculum as efficient and fun as possible.

What do you need?

There are no requirements to follow a intro lesson. If you want to develop your Dj’ing skills further check this article. For an extended Intro Lesson you can book the 90 minute version. You can also book the intro lesson for 2 persons

THIS PAGE answers most of the general questions we get a lot. Also, for a more in-depth view in the essentials of DJ’ing, check our Big-4 page.


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Mail or call us or plan a free meeting to get to know us, ask your questions and feel the vibe.


Send a message and we will replay within 24 hours.