DJ FX Course online

Improve your storytelling and start mixing the impossible using DJ effects

  • 32 Online videos
  • Explained on Pioneer Pro gear
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Why you want to use FX in your DJ sets

Welcome to the Effects course by DJ School Amsterdam! In this course we show the importance of using FX to enhance your storytelling. FX will also make possible to mix ‘unmixable songs’ into your set.

Effects will add depth and energy to your mixes. By understanding the purpose and timing of effects, you will elevate your DJ skills and create unforgettable musical experiences for your audience.


What you will learn

The course zooms in on effects like reverb and echo for transitions in drop and beatmixes. We also we show explain the use of filters and noise fx for energy buildups within songs and during transitions and the course will enable you to mix cross -genre for an exciting and unique outstanding performance.

Pioneer Pro setup

In the course we use the current club standard setup to explain and show you how to use FX in your sets. This set consists of the Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 mixer and the Pioneer CDJ-3000 players. The course is suited for any DJ mixer that has FX onboard.


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