DJ Custom Course

For every DJ with a basic or pro level who wants to develop further or improve specific aspects.

  • Big-Four-analysis of current level
  • Advanced customised content-plan 
  • Specific coach(es) for each aspect
  • Lessons planned to your convenience
499 / 5 x 60 min
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Good to know

Plan your meeting

To decide how we would make up your course, book a free meeting in our studios through email. Afterwards you’ll have a specific image of your lessons and you can book them right away.

Grow your network

On our club nights you meet likeminded and future colleagues. You also become part of our online community where collaborations are started and gig opportunities are posted.

Progress and satisfaction

We monitor your progress, and if you are satisfied with the content of the course and the interaction with your coach. You decide how much time you need between lessons.

To feel reborn in the booth

The Custom DJ lessons are for DJ’s who want to step up their game. We help you improve on every aspect. Before the course, we analyze your current skills and make a plan using our Big Four learning strategy as a guideline. We decide together which teacher(s) would fit you best. In five or ten lessons you make a big step forward and you’ll feel born again DJ in the booth.


From DJ-skills to your artist profile

Looking for advanced mixing skills? Or are your track selection and buildup not what they should be? Want to grow as an artist and get more bookings? Do you want to widen your musical scope, make more exiting transitions or show more confidence behind the decks? We have lots of experience helping DJ’s with all these issues. We can also help you with the practical parts of your business like proper online mix sets, a decent artist-bio and slick pictures.

DJ and Producing combined

The Custom Lessons are different for everyone. Together we decide if you take five or ten lessons and how much time you need in between. You can also combine DJ and Producer lessons. After the package of five or ten you can always continue lessons or stay in touch for specific matters.


Mail or call us or plan a free meeting to get to know us, ask your questions and feel the vibe.


Send a message and we will replay within 24 hours.