DJ Basic Course

Are you interested in the DJ profession and is your goal to play at parties? The Basic Course DJ offers you a solid base of essential knowledge and skills.

  • Always one-on-one
  • Schedule your own lessons
  • Choose your own coach
  • Learning the Big-4 DJ method
375 / 5 x 60 min
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Good to know

How we coach you

All lessons at DJ School Amsterdam are 1-on-1. We believe a good connection with your teacher is crucial to learn, so you can choose the tutor yourself and switch teachers whenever you want.

Plan it yourself

You can plan the lessons on days and times that suit you. We advise an interval of one or two lessons a week. THIS PAGE answers most of the general questions we get a lot.

Studios and DJ gear

In our atmospheric studios you learn the craft in the club-setting you will later perform in. You experience your own music at it’s very best. Of course we have all the latest club gear installed, including the most popular DJ controllers.

Follow your heart

Weather you dream of the big stage, or you just want to get more out of your passion for music… now is the time to follow your heart and take those first steps! With our personal and dedicated coaching you will learn the basics quickly and efficiently at your own pace.


The essence of DJ'ing

In the Basic Course you focus on the essence of DJ’ing by using our Big-4 strategy, master essential mixing techniques and get acquainted with the most important features of DJ gear. Start analysing your own tracks and discover musical structures that will change the way you listen to music forever. Discover the profession by checking our articles, video’s and Instagram page.

From Urban to Techno

The course is suited for lovers of all genres, from Urban to Techno and from Disco to Drum ‘n’ Bass. All you need to start is a laptop and a USB-stick. ‘Homework’ will focus on downloading and organizing your tracks.

If you already want to start working in Rekordbox at home right away, read this page to see how.

THIS PAGE answers most of the general questions we get a lot.

Also, for a more in-depth look at the essentials of DJ’ing, check our Big-4 page.




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