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DJ Workshop Day recap, 18/2/2023

We look back on a great sold out workshop day for Pro-DJ’s on Saturday, February 18. Two workshops on one day: one for reaching bigger stages and one with advanced DJ-techniques.

What a great day we had, with two packed workshops that were sold out in just a few days. We were happy to notice how many aspiring DJ’s were eager to hear what our guests were going to say about making the most of your talents.

Points of interest for workshop one were:

O Determining realistic goals

O How to manage your business

O Your roadmap and timeline

O Creating a distinctive artist profile

O Become interesting for bookers

O Building a fanbase

O On- and offline efforts

O Creating your network

O Who to approach next

Starting a career is an exciting and challenging journey. One of the keys to success is setting realistic goals for yourself. It’s important to have a clear understanding of how to manage your business and create a roadmap and timeline to achieve your goals.

Networking is also key to success in the music industry. Creating a network of industry professionals will help you to discover new opportunities and identify the right people to approach next. Join us for a workshop where we discuss all the above points in-depth and provide actionable tips on how to jumpstart your artist career.


>>> Folker Zwart, head of events at Het Sieraad where a range of prime House and Techno DJ’s are booked every weekend. From young talents to icons like Sven Vath and Kerri Chandler, Folker has them booked them at the iconic venue in Amsterdam-West. Zwart was also a Techno DJ and organized various high-profile Techno events at ADE. 

>>> Peter Schurman, DJ and manager of the DJ School Amsterdam booking agency. Besides spinning at venues like Club NL and Adam Tower, Peter guided many young talents during their first steps into the scene and gets our talents booked at venues ranging from Dutch clubs to the skybars of Dubai.

>>> Loos Luna, DJ and entrepreneur. Started her own DJ business for events from background music to downright party bookings. Managed to become a highly in-demand allround DJ within a few years.

Workshop two was about getting the most out of every gig.

A workshop for basic and pro DJ’s demonstrating the most useful special effects and smartest tricks on the decks. 

O Mixing anything with everything 

O Anticipating energy levels

O How to be a ‘clever’ DJ

O Mixing house with funk, disco and Top-40

O Bridging BPM differences

O Marking your intro’s and outro’s

O Using Hot Cues for drumming

O Using Hot Cues for mixing

O Effective mixing in key