The BIG FOUR DJ is our succesformula to become a professional DJ.

It is the cornerstone of our curriculum.


The BIG FOUR DJ has been developed by us based on years of professional experience of our coaches and colleague DJ’s, combined with the input of our students on the question: What are the quality’s of top DJ’s?  



A top-DJ has a distinct sound and style. With our coaching you will discover and develop your own musical personality. What type of DJ will you become? Are you going to play commercial or distinctive, are you a crowd pleaser or do you want to ‘educate’? Learning who you are in a musical way is the most important step to becoming a professional DJ. 

Distinctive tracks

You will discover what genres suit you best. We offer you a wide range of music adapted to your taste as inspiration. Dive into the history of your favorite genres to get inspired finding tracks that fit your style in energy level, vibe and groove. We guide you in were to find tracks online via paid musicsites, podcasts, communities and Soundcloud as well as offline.

Differenciating value

To reach the top as a DJ you will have to make a difference based on unique productions. During the DJ Professional course you can start producing edits, remixes and mash-ups. This is also a great preparation for the Producer Professional course. 



Timing is about communicating with your dancefloor, how to tell a gripping musical story. Compare it with an exciting movie or concert were the variety in energy levels keeps drawing your attention. The quality of a DJ set is defined by track choice but just as much by the coherence between the tracks.

The Dancefloor Matrix

To create flow a well defined organisation structure of your track collection is essential. You learn to work with our unique ‘Dancefloor Matrix’, a system that teaches you to analyse and organise tracks based on genre, energy level, athmosphere and groove. The goal is to optimise your track choice and timing during live performances. 

Timing and mixing

Timing also means knowing when to mix one song into another. You will learn how to approach tracks based on their energy development and you will discover what the key moments and techniques are to deliver each song in the best way possible to your audience. 



We teach you how to adapt your techniques to individual tracks you play and the energy level of the audience. For example, a flow mix has a very different impact than a high energy mix. Goal is to let every track you play have the maximum impact and guiding the energylevel of your crowd by doing so.  

 UNIQUE mixing skills

Off course you will start learning basic mixing skills like the drop- en beatmix, EQ, effect and loop usage. But as you advance in having a signature style of playing, you will learn unique techniques that suit your sound. Re you a techno DJ? Than start working with Ableton Live (Push) in a live setup. Are you more of a credible allrounder? Than working with accapela’s and advanced drop-mix techniques will be an added value. 

DJ Gear

To master the basic mixing skills you will be using the Pioneer 2000Nexus2 setup. At advanced levels you will learn to work with several setups, suiting your style of DJing. That can be working with Technics 1200SL vinyl players, Traktor, Serato, Ableton Live etc. all gear is available in our studios. You also learn how to work with PA-setups so you are always in control during live performances.



As live DJ it is essential to get energy and emotion across to your audience. You will be coached in stage presence, based on your musical personality. A DJ like Laid Back Luke has a different personality and charisma than Richie Hawtin, the essence is to be yourself in an expressive way and to communicate that to your audience.


We will be coaching you in making a solid business plan, how to reach your ultimate goal in small steps. We will look at your profiling on- and offline. You will be coached in creating high quality content like a biography, logo, mix sets, productions and relevant blogs and posts on social media. We will help you in creating a network of people that can really help you move forward. 


To reach the top as a DJ it is essential to produce your own tracks. Enrolling in our Producer course is the way to enable you to produce high quality tracks, we see that students that do so reach higher rated DJ stages and are playing more across different countries. During the DJ Professional course you can start producing edits, remixes and mash-ups. This is also a great preparation for the Producer Professional course.