The BIG FOUR Producer is the succesformula to become a professional Producer. It is the cornerstone of our curriculum.


The BIG FOUR Producer has been developed by us based on years of professional experience of our coaches and colleague producers, combined with the input of our students on the question: What are the quality’s of top producer?  



Starting with a great idea is the main ingredient for creating a high quality track. What impact should your track have? What emotion should it get across? You will acquire knowledge on how to develop wel defined ideas for tracks within your style. We keep you updated on the latest musical trends to enable you to adapt your style to contemporary developments.

Learning by analysing

At DJ School Amsterdam you learn by analysing your favorite tracks. What is it that makes you love this track? Which elements does it consist of and what skills and tools would you need to remake it? Next step is to aquire these skills and produce tracks at the level of your reference tracks.

High quality productions

At DJ School Amsterdam we focus on the key elements of great tracks, idea and arangement. Examples are: How to write a great topline (lead melody), bassline or chord scheme that fits your idea, how to choose and shape the right sounds. And very important: you will learn to apply the essential less is more concept to your tracks. 



The structure of a track is an essential contributor to it’s quality. How do you keep your tracks gripping from start to finish, which developments take place at what moments and why. A problem many starting producings encounter is getting from a basic design (drumtrack, melodies, samples) to a complete track that lasts 5 to 7 minutes.


By analysing songs that inspire you, you learn how to keep your production interesting over time (without adding parts) using soundvariations and effects. You will learn to effect energy levels to keep you track sounding gripping from start to finish.

The art of leaving things out

‘Less is more’, a key signature of great tracks. But how do you design a song with just a few elements without it sounding monotone or empty? The sounds and the quality of the arangement are crucial. But also the balance between sound and silence. 



Mixing means that you will learn how to make parts you created sound ‘big, fat and cool’, and that all parts you track consists of sound well balanced. Learn how to make parts stand out, and how to create a mix that amplifies the central idea of your track in a original way.

THE Three dimensions

We look at the three dimensions of individual parts your track consists of and to the complete mix of al parts; the hight (volumes of frequenties, EQing, compression and sidechaning), width  stereo image) and depth (adding effects like reverb and echo). 


Mastering means making your track suitable to sound best on several, or specific media. You learn of which elements mastering consists and how to listen to your mix in a analytic way and enable you to communicate with a mastering engineer so you know what to expect.



We will coach you in how to reach potential fans of your tracks. We will evaluate your tracks and give you realistic feedback so you will know what to do next. learn how the label side of the industry works so you will come prepared when you tracks reach professional levels.


Offcourse you want your track available on Itunes, beatport and Spotify. To reach these goals you will need coaching in entrepreneurship. We will coach you on how to make a businessplan that will cover all elements of promoting your tracks and getting connected to the right people.


Getting your tracks released by labels is essential to your succes as a producer. We will coach you on how to get in touch with labels within your style of producing and get you prepared on how to handle rights and financial agreements.