About us

Providing an inspiring musical experience and to contribute to personal growth are DJ School Amsterdam’s mission.

DJ School Amsterdam is the international benchmark in 1-on-1 DJ/Producer education since 2008.With their unique view on transferring knowlegde and efficient coaching methods they educate more than a thousand individual students from all over the world yearly.

Drive and method

DJ School Amsterdam was founded in 2008 from the drive of two Amsterdam DJ’s, Roeland and Olivier Meijs, to share their DJ/Producer experiences and translate those into a formula to success.

The method that arose, the Big-4, made DJ School Amsterdam the international pioneer in the field of DJ and Producer education. The Big four is a source of inspiration for music tutors and schools around the world.

Besides the Big-4, the secret to the succes of the students of DSA is in the didactic skills of the coaches that guide them to high levels and help them to live a life that leans for the biggest part on their music.

Breeding pond

Since their foundation, the DJ School held more than 250 club nights on which more than 500 DJ’s played their first records. Locations of those nights are anywhere in Amsterdam, from small bars to the most renowned clubs of the city.

Some familiar names in the Dutch DJ scene who started at zero at our school are Nafthaly Ramona (one of the most booked Urban DJ’s of the country), Grace Dahl (at ADE ’21 in the line-up with Charlotte de Witte and Richie Hawtin), Edlan (a regular on the biggest Drum ‘n’ Bass parties) and Dina van Diest (opener for Tiësto at Dreamfields Mexico 2019).

The power of the individual

All DJ- and Producer lessons are 1-on-1. The DJ School believes that is the only way to master an art form like DJ’ing or to develop a distinct sound as a Producer.

Good music education exists by the power of the individual to get knowledge across. And 1-on-1 lessons are only fun when there is a bond with the teacher. That’s why the DJ School has a team consisting of openminded and dedicated teachers with whom an easy ‘click’ is the standard.

Reflection and inspiration

Besides the courses, DJ School Amsterdam offers workshops for teams, bachelor parties and schools.

From those events arose ‘The DJ Perspective’, a special workshop in which DJ School founders Roeland and Olivier share their experiences as artists and entrepreneurs, with the Big-4 method as a guideline. This makes an inspiring and reflective session and an exiting energetic workshop at the same time.

The coaches

The DJ Amsterdam coaches are positive, socially skilled and dedicated DJ/Producers who put the student first, while motivating and inspiring the students to get the most out of themselves. Check our homepage for a profile of each teacher.


Since 2020 DJ School Amsterdam is part of Amsterdam DJ Institute. Under this flag are also it’s DJ bookings, international corporate workshops, music consultancy and co-producing.


After starting the DJ School at a former newspaper building, the company moved to the Melody Line building where it was located for 5 years. Now the school is based in the Q-Factory, the buzzing musical hotspot in the Eastern part of Amsterdam where many famous artists are based, practice or perform. The building houses two big concert halls, a hotel and a café/restaurant.


If you’re curious to the practical side of things, please look at our frequently asked questions when it comes to the lessons, scheduling and other issues you might have.