About us

Providing an inspiring musical experience and contributing to your personal growth are core parts of our mission at DJ School Amsterdam.

DJ School Amsterdam is the international benchmark in 1-on-1 DJ-Producer education since 2008.With our unique view on transferring knowledge and efficient coaching methods we educate more than a thousand individual students from all over the world every year.

Drive and method

DJ School Amsterdam was founded in 2008 from the drive of two Amsterdam DJ’s, Roeland and Olivier Meijs. They felt they coud create a formula for success by using their DJ/Producer experience.

They conceived a unique methodology they call the Big-4 – which established DJ School Amsterdam an international pioneer in the field of DJ and producer education. THE BIG 4 is now a source of inspiration and a reference framework for music tutors and schools around the world.

In addition to THE BIG 4, the secret to the continued success of the students who train with DJSA is the didactic skills of the coaches who guide them to high levels of skill, as well as advising them in how to build a professional life around their passion for music.

Breeding pond

Since its foundation, DJ School Amsterdam has held over 250 club nights at which more than 500 students and graduates played their first records. These nights are in a wide variety of venues across Amsterdam – from small bars and cafes to the most renowned clubs in the city.

There are many big names who have begun their careers with DJSA, such as Nafthaly Ramona (one of the most booked Urban DJ’s of the country), Grace Dahl (playing alongside Charlotte de Witte and Richie Hawtin), Edlan (a regular on the biggest Drum ‘n’ Bass parties) and Dina van Diest (opener for Tiësto at Dreamfields Festival Mexico).

The power of the individual

All of our DJ and Producer lessons are 1-on-1. At DJSA we believe this is the only way to master the art of DJ-ing or to develop a distinctive sound as a producer.

Music education is like any other teaching profession: it depends on the power and intuition of the individual to transfer knowledge. 1-on-1 lessons are most fun and effective when there is a positive bond with the teacher. So DJSA has a diverse team of openminded and dedicated teachers whose goal is to enable an easy ‘click’ of rapport.

Reflection and inspiration

In addition to formal and informal courses, DJ School Amsterdam offers a variety of one-off workshops for teams, bachelor parties and schools.
After many of those events, we also created “The DJ Perspective” – a special workshop in which DJSA founders Roeland and Olivier share their experiences as artists and entrepreneurs; using DJSA’s proprietary BIG 4-methodology as a framework. We have found this to be an inspiring and insightful event for corporate clients who may not wish to teach delegates to DJ but want to benefit from strategic business insights from a different industry than their own.

The coaches

Our DJSA coaches are positive and socially skilled. All are existing DJ’s and producers who understand how to put the student first and ensure each student is empowered to get the most out of themselves and the process.


Since 2020 DJ School Amsterdam is part of Amsterdam DJ Institute. Under this flag are also it’s DJ bookings, international corporate workshops, music consultancy and co-producing.


DJ School Amsterdam started at an iconic former newspaper building (‘De Volkskrant’), before moving to another illustrious place, ‘Melody Line’, where we stayed for 5 years.
DJSA is now based in the musical hotspot of the Q-Factory; where many famous artists are based, for practice, performance, and recording. In addition to studios, the building also houses two large concert halls, a hotel, and a café/restaurant (for beer and fritjes after practice!).


If you’re curious about the practical side of things, please look at our frequently asked questions for info on lessons, scheduling and other issues you might have.