These are the essentials to get the stage of your dreams 

There are more DJ’s than ever, but good ones are still hard to find. So for every new DJ there is a place. But getting gigs is harder for some than for others. Follow these steps and your dream-gig will be within reach!

At DJ School Amsterdam we have been ahead of all other modern music institutes when it comes to educating DJ’s. Our approach is unique in the world, is what we hear from students from more than 40 countries. In all our years of guiding talents to various stages, we learned that achieving success is for a huge part up to your entrepeneurship. So, here are the tips about entrepeneuring that we found most effective.


Be aware that you are never asked back to play somewhere for your great technical skills. Playing the right record on the right moment is much more important. Always make the right desicion based on the audience, the atmosphere, the location and the time of the night. Don’t stick to one BPM or the most common genres. Don’t fear to make a difference and show that you’re in another league then your fellow DJ’s. It’s always ‘that DJ who played that 60’s record’ that people can remember. Be aware of our unique selling point and exploit that.


A great profile picture and a well composed mix on Soundcloud have to be there, but they will not get you gigs. So don’t wait by the laptop for the phone to ring. Real networking is done offline. Visit the clubs you want to play at. Like Afrojack says: ,,It’s not that I was there at the right time and place.. I was just always there’’.

Approach your DJ work as a business: with a vision, a timeline and a financial plan. Examples of strong entrepreneuring by our talents are hosting your own club night, releasing your own track or remix(es) and joining DJ contests.


Weather it’s a Friday afternoon drink, a cafe or a club: be eager and always give 100%. Every gig leads to another one if you have a great attitude and create a bond with your audience and the person who booked you. It’s said about many great DJ’s: ‘When he played at that little party, you could see he was going to be big’. That is mainly because of the dedication to reach out to every single person in the room.


Learning to DJ is easier than ever. Just like finding and reaching out to the people who organise your dream gig. But don’t think you’ve realized your dreams within a year. Just like ‘back then’ it takes years to build a stable career. Making money from music is a privilege which is not easily acquired. Let nothing hold you back and stay positive. If you really love music, that will always get you through the hard times that come with entrepreneurship.

If you want to be guided in your DJ career at any point, or specifically in entrepreneurship and Artist Development, book a course at our school or send us a message with your struggles. We are happy to help you!

This article is written by DJ School Amsterdam co-founder Olivier Meijs by request of Gigstarter.