GEAR BATTLE: Pioneer XDJ-RR vs Pioneer DDJ-400

Watch our battle between the DDJ-400 and the XDJ-RR. The DDJ-400 is Pioneer DJ’s latest two-channel Rekordbox Controller. The XDJ-RR is the latest and cheapest stand-alone DJ set. 
What’s the best choice within your budget and is it fair to compare these two?

As a starting DJ, would you buy a controller or a stand-alone unit?

The DDJ-400 is the follow up to the popular DDJ-RB. It costs around 260 euros at Tonecontrol (with a discount for our students).
The XDJ-RR is much more expensive (see it HERE), at around 1100 euros.

If you use your home-gear just for practise, and to prepare for a set in the club, you don’t need anything more than the cheap DDJ-400. You use RekordBox and still have a lot money left to spend on music. 
But if you want to have a little bit more of a professional feel, and work WITHOUT the computer, it is worth spending more money on the RR.

We provide lessons on both the units as well, look for more on our course page!

Ofcourse, investing money in more expensive stand-alone gear is always an option. But when you just start out DJ’ing, many just don’t know yet, if they wil actually go on to become more professional.
Also, we advice to spend more time in building a proper music collection, rather than spinning records all the time. The musical aspect is much more important than learning the skills, in the beginning.

So as you get Rekordbox software with the DDJ-400, you can go downloading and start organising your music right away! You can make CUE-points in your tracks and set markers, in order to know your intro’s before you spin them! This is what we advise to do befor you hit ANY button!

We get all our gear at and we have a discount for our students at this store. See THIS PAGE for more on the DDJ 400 at Tonecontrol!