About DJ School Amsterdam

About us

DJ School Amsterdam is a place where people from all over the world learn to express their musical personality. And we are the international institute for every talented dj/producer to develop to any thinkable level.

In the country that delivers dj's that dominate the charts and in the city that hosts the biggest dance event in the world we created a place that reflects the creative atmosphere and inspiring vibes that Amsterdam is known for.

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Our Mission

Our passion for dance music and the desire to share this with others is the basis on which Dj School Amsterdam was founded. Our mission is to see everybody that enters our school leave with more skills and a smile on their face.

We are proud of the many students we helped develop their own style with which they bring excitement and joy to dancefloors across the globe.

Our drive is to enjoy the progress of our students and that is what we give our best for.

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The location

When you enter our building you will sense the musical atmosphere. Have a drink at our bar, order something to eat in our restaurant, chill out in our lounge and enjoy the relaxed vibes.

We are opened six days a week and are located ten minutes from the city center. We are easy to reach by public transport (bus and metro) and have plenty of parking space if you visit us by car.


The studio's

Besides several stylish dj and production studio's which are all fully equipped with the latest dj and production gear, and we have our own in-house dance club.

This is where we host our DJ School Amsterdam Club Night, on wich our students get the chance to perform.


Learning by inspiring

Our teaching methods are constantly in development. We learn from input from students and tune our coaching strategies to the tempo, goals and character of every individual.

DJ School Amsterdam is frequently visited by local and international music conservatory students and teachers to learn from our unique and effective approach. Our courses are always custom made; we tune into your current level and focus to have the best results from your lessons.

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More than lessons

When you complete a course we offer you the unique possibility to practice your skills were you learn the most: in front of an audience.

We have several locations in Amsterdam where you can spin live and we have our Club Night, where advanced students perform. And we have the Live section on this website where you can promote yourself. Our goal is to make you spin your records outside your own room.


The coaches

From left to right: Roeland, Rakesh, Olivier and Joost.

The team of teachers at DJ School Amsterdam consists of specialists that are not only craftsmen, but also openminded, social and flexible.
Their focus is to make students experience how much fun it is to be creative with the music they love, at any stage and on any level.


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